A flexible, multidisciplinary and transnational VET model for the PROBATION services and practitioners

Probationet project aims to develop and deploy an innovative training model able to respond to the education and training needs of officers and workers involved in the probation process with a flexible and multidisciplinary approach as requested by each national Probation case management system. In this project the probation officers will be engaged in training activities to extend their social and relationship skills, giving them an innovative approach to the mission, considering the fundamental psychosocial aspects both for themselves and for the offenders; to promote social inclusion of offenders, in order to prevent recidivism, racism and intolerance.


It is essential to sensitize prison staff towards offenders, through sensitivities groups, stressing the importance of giving a real chance of reintegration into the community, following the step taken by the Italian judicial system which is moving from the “certainty of prison” to the “certainty of punishment” overcome the idea of prison as the only effective response to crime.