Manual III: Preparing for a Restorative Justice session

During the Restorative Justice Week, we are commemorating the progress and contributes of the PROBATIONET project! Today, we shine a spotlight on Manual III: Preparing for a Restorative Justice session.
Within this manual, we focus on essential skills for facilitating Restorative Justice, addressing critical aspects such as understanding harm from both the offender’s and victim’s perspectives. Additionally, we explore theories of offender change and outline pre-Restorative Justice session steps.
Moreover, Manual III draws upon practical experiences and case studies to illustrate the application of core skills in diverse contexts, particularly exploring the core countries of the PROBATIONET project: Portugal, Bulgaria, Italy, Greece, and Turkey.
What is the best way to be introduced to these resources?
They are integrating part of the PROBATIONET b-learning course, “Restorative Justice and Recidivism Course”, which is now available for free.
Don’t miss the opportunity to dive into Manual III and enhance your understanding of the essential skills required for effective Restorative Justice facilitation.
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