Manual I: Introducing Restorative Justice.

Today, we shine a spotlight on Manual I: Introducing Restorative Justice.
In this manual, we delve into the meaning of Restorative Justice, navigating the challenges of a globally agreed-upon definition. We explore its objectives and trace its development, particularly in Europe, and its expansion to countries like Portugal, Bulgaria, Italy, Greece, and Turkey – the core countries in the PROBATIONET project.
Additionally, Manual I explores perspectives on conflicts, victims’ and perpetrators’ rights, international legislation, areas where RJ can be implemented, and their contexts within the Criminal Justice System. Additionally, it distinguishes the different types of RJ in the Criminal Justice System, further clarifying what approaches and measures fall under this concept.
The manuals are available in English, with Portuguese, Bulgarian, Italian, Greek, and Turkish translations on their way!
 These manuals and additional key resources on Restorative Justice can be found within the free PROBATIONET b-learning course, “Restorative Justice and Recidivism Course”, which is available for free. Don’t miss the chance to explore and learn today!
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